Thursday, September 23, 2004

All Shall Try Novelty Yarns And Despairrrrrrrrr!

This entry is about how crap novelty yarns are.

Tracy was all hilarious at coffee the other day, expressing her disapproval for Fun Fur. She asked how I feel about Fun Fur, and then had this wary expression on her face until she was satisfied that I do not, in fact, like it.

Except for the fringy bit on the cat bed I made. But I was naive then. And to be fair, chewing on the fringe does provide Eureka with the only pleasure she gets out of the damn thing.

Since I've been forcing my LiveJournal Friends to come over here and read my knitting blog, and not many of them knit, here's a bit of a visual aid for them so they can appreciate the full horror of Fun Fur...

And yes, I hotlinked the above photo of this unfortunate dog, because Fun Fur is just. that. bad. It makes ethics not count anymore.

Right. Back to the story. I saw this yarn called Allure, by Patons, about a week ago at Michael's, and it was all soft and tempting and evil so I bought a skein of it in a lovely wine sort of color.

Later that night, whilst watching The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Becca go watch Priscilla omgrightnow, btw), I began to knit a scarf with it. I found this pattern for a bias-knit scarf, so I was using that, and the excitement of having a pointy-ended scarf made me quite happy.

Then I ran out of yarn, and my scarf was only about a foot and a half long, so I had to go back to Michael's the next day to buy more yarn. And I did. I also bought two skeins each of green and black.

Here's how the scarf looks, close-up so you can see the fluffy aspect of it...

And here's what I discovered as soon as the initial evil spell that sucked me into buying the stupid yarn wore off...

On the right is the fluffy scarf I made. On the left is the belt from my dad's ancient terrycloth bathrobe. Can you tell the difference? I certainly can't.

I'm not sure what to do with the extra yarn (and don't say "return it" because that's far too logical for me). I started another bias scarf in the green color, but I just don't think I'll ever be able to wear it, so maybe I'll use the remainder to make an ugly hat for my obnoxious brother's kid. That'd work, I guess.

Anyway, the moral of this post is, Just Step Away From the Stupid Damned Novelty Yarns.

[Note: Title of this post is an homage to my dear sweet friend Meredith, who is going away travelling soon and I shall miss her heaps. Not long after I started reading her LJ, she had a post called "All Shall Loff Me And OMG Despair!111" (or similar) and it was the hilarious. LJ's indexing system is kind of crap, though, so I can't find the post. Otherwise I'd link to it. Sorry.]


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