Wednesday, September 22, 2004

First Felted Thing -- Catbed Much Disliked By Cat.

After the wonky-stitched Harry Potter scarves, I took a lesson from BB at BB's Knits. I'd already fixed the wonky-stitches problem through use of a cheesy book from Michael's, so all BB did was make me never want to go to her shop again because she's a big damn bitch.

I mean, I asked what I needed to bring to my lesson, and she glared at me in silence for a bit, then said -- with ultimate sarcasm, or at least as ultimate as Americans' sarcasm gets -- "yarn and needles." Um, hello? What type of yarn? Any particular size of needles? I was hugely tempted to bring in a coil of rope and two sharpened broom-handles, but I didn't, and I will admit BB's quite a good knitter.


I wanted to knit this felted cat bed from wendyknits, but BB's didn't carry the Noro Big Kureyon yarn the pattern suggests, so I used regular Kureyon in colorway #134, with two strands held together.

Here's how it looks now, after a few months...

The cat I made it for, Eureka, isn't hugely fond of it. I mean, if I happen to put it in the spot she usually uses for the sleeping? She'll sprawl on it a bit. My outdoor cat, Wednesday, loves it to death, but I think that has to do with the catnip I put in it when I was trying to entice Eureka.

This led to the disturbing realisation that one of my cats clearly has a major drug problem, but hey. Anyway, I've noticed on LiveJournal's knitting community that women who knit talk about -- and photograph -- their cats incessantly, so I'm going to try to avoid that.

I will say, however, that valancystirling (an absolutely gorgeous knitter and generally rad girl from what I know of her) has encouraged me in my desire to make a LiveJournal user icon out of a photo of Eureka. The plan is to wait until Eureka eats enough yarn to make her throw up (again), then pose her next to it, take a photo, and iconify it with some sort of bitingly-witty comment about cat-plus-knitting-photos being cliché.

Of course, I secretly like all those photos because kitties are cute.

Ok, back to the knitting part. Here's a detail of the bottom (wrong side) of the cat bed...

You start knitting the bed in the middle, and I was thinking I didn't like how the colorway variation (I've no idea what it's called; what I mean is, how the colors of the handpainted yarn go in a certain order in each skein) in the held-together strands wasn't matching up. So, I skipped a bit in one skein, and you can see how the stripes get more regular towards the outside of the cat bed.

Now, however, I quite like how the un-matchy middle bit looks, especially after the felting. Ah well. Such is life, or whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was hugely tempted to bring in a coil of rope and two sharpened broom-handlesand

This led to the disturbing realisation that one of my cats clearly has a major drug problem, but hey.made me love you to pieces.

i wonder if html works in blogger-comments?

*whispers* this post does nothing to alter my opinion that eureka is silly cat.


September 23, 2004 at 1:37 AM  
Blogger Summers said...

Heeee! You are my first reader *and* my first commenter! <333333333 I'm so glad!

And yes, Eureka is... distinctly silly. But she's awfully loving (towards me, anyway), and that is unusual for cats which I own. So yay for her. :)

I shall soon write a small announcement about how you are my first reader, but my eyes are all bleary so actually I may have to sleep first.


September 23, 2004 at 2:48 AM  

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