Thursday, September 23, 2004

"Glitter Hats," or "Paillettes are Officially a Pain in My Arse"

Oh what the hell, why not post again whilst delirious from sleep deprivation.

The spangly hat in Stitch n' Bitch looked like it'd be quite fun to make, so I tried it. But first I had to find the damned paillettes (sequins with holes in them that're larger than usual so you can string the paillettes onto yarn as opposed to just thread).

I tried going to Michael's (where the staff was absolutely no help, but I don't blame them because I worked a craft store once and it was a completely shit job from hell) and buying bag after bag of mixed larger sequins, because there are quite a few round paillettes in those. Then I sorted through the bags, and I shall summarize that process by telling you the carpeting in my room *still* has sequins embedded in its pile.

See, I wanted to make a pink spangly hat. With pink spangles. And each bag of mixed sequins/paillettes was yielding an average of one pink paillette. One bloody paillette!

I gave up. Then, I went to Longs and saw that they had bags of metallic confetti -- I bought a few little packets of the baby-themed confetti, because there were lots of white, blue, and (wait for it...) pink pieces, just the same size as the paillettes from Michael's. There weren't any holes in the confetti-discs, so I punched holes in them with a regular paper-punch, and then used the improvised-confetti-paillettes and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Victorian Pink to go to town on the spangly hats.

Looks quite a lot like a wounded jellyfish, doesn't it? And it's too long. Covers my ears and makes my head look like a mushroom with pink coins sewn all over it.

But it's a bit better than my first attempt, which hardly covered the tips of my ears. Here's a bit of a compare-and-contrast for you...

Oh well. I'd rip them out and try again, but I've got too many other projects to work on, and the paillettes -- even the real ones that aren't made of cheap baby-shower confetti -- tend to bend/crease if you're not careful whilst you knit.

Next up: Why Novelty Yarns Are a Bad Idea.


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