Saturday, September 25, 2004

Happy and Sad.

First, the Happy -- met up with Suzanne and Tracy tonight for coffee, dinner, margaritas (well, one margarita each; that counts as plural in this context, right?), the more coffee, and a tiny bit of knitting.

Actually, I did no knitting because I was so rushed before I went out that I forgot to bring my pattern along. But I still had a really nice time, and Suzanne & Tracy are both rad girls. Officially. ~grin~

Now, the Sad -- Java Station, where the usual knitting group meets up on Monday evenings, has decided that they're going to close at 5:30pm every night from now on. Aside from the "WTF???!" factor, this means we have to find somewhere else to meet, and Santa Barbara isn't exactly filled-to-the-brim with suitable coffee-houses for us to meet for knitting group.

So now I'm feeling... well, really rather sad, actually. I only just found this great group of women and a really fun knitting group, and now... kaput.

Tired, but I have a few pictures to put up, a bit of Kool-Aid yarn-fixing to do, so I've decided I may as well get out the Santa Barbara yellow-pages, make a list of all the coffee houses in town, cross out the ones I *know* are unsuitable, and then call around and/or visit the remaining ones tomorrow.

The visiting-errand-thing is something I can take my mom along for, too, and she really likes going out in the car, so that's something positive.

But... we're not just going to stop having our group, are we? ~wails in melodramatic fashion~ I liked it so much!

It's important.


Blogger Jayme said...

i agree! and i doubt we'll stop meeting because of java station's hours. the last time we couldn't meet there, we went to mojo coffee in goleta. people that live in santa barbara don't necessarily like it, but it's got a couch and good lighting. email me when you find something? i was so looking forward to knitting group tomorrow!

September 26, 2004 at 11:57 AM  

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