Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Monday Night.

Well, really it's Tuesday morning, but hey.

Knitting group was really good. Tracy and I both started our Hallowigs -- hers is a lovely bright blue, and mine is, after all the pink-vs.-red agonizing, red.

I have indeed formatted two more photos of the Kool-Aid yarn, but I'm so tired I can barely see, and I still have to clean the kitchen and one of the bathrooms (I forgot we're having a visit from the plumber tomorrrow... or today, I mean), so... no photos. Again. Sorry!

Oh, but before I go, I must mention that Suzanne started a knitting blog! It's here, and since Suzanne is lovely (as is her knitting) you should go look at it. Tonight she was working on her green cardigan, and I'm hugely impressed by it. :)


Blogger The Frog said...

Ohhh... Thanks sweetie.

By the way, you are so right - the bouncer who made that comment is clearly freaky - which is why, of course, I'm in love with him.

It's embarassing, but what can I say? Inappropriate and unavaliable are HUGE turn ons for me.

I'm so bad for me sometimes.

I'd love to hang out at Elsie's with you on Friday or Saturday night if you're avaliable. (Then you can watch me turn into a horney, clueless, fourteen-year-old right before your eyes.)

You, and your knitting, are also very beautiful and inspiring. You are also a ton of fun to hang out with.

We did miss you at coffee this morning but they'll be lots of other coffee dates in our future I'm sure...

September 28, 2004 at 5:43 PM  

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