Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My Friend Once Dated a Girl Named Tuesday...

...and (I kid you not) he continued to tell people, for *years* afterwards, that he would start conversations with "So I woke up on Tuesday, and--"

I don't think one single person thought it was funny. Which is sad, because my Friend-Who-Dated-Tuesday is actually a stand-up comedian. In England, though, so maybe...

Ok, back to knitting stuff.

This morning there was drama, but that all stays in my LiveJournal. The upshot of it was, I didn't get to go for a 9:30am coffee-break with Trace, Chauntel, and Suzanne like we'd planned. But, I did get to go visit Trace and Chauntel at work a bit later in the day, and that was quite pleasant. I even got a couple of rows of the damned Hallowig done.

So now I have about 4 rows finished, in total. It amuses me no end that I'm faffing around so much and doing anything possible to avoid working on it...


Right. Have taken photos, and now just have to format them, etc.

You see, Trace insists upon seeing the mess I made with the Kool-Aid dyeing, so I'm going to post that whole process, and then I have a few more things I'm working on -- not actually knitting things, but trying to get organized, etc. -- that I ought to update/post about.

But you know what? I've just decided something... I've been up all night for so many nights in a row, and I have cramps and a headache that won't quit, so I'm not going to format photos tonight. I'm going to sit up and knit for a while, and watch Buffy DVDs. Because I just *get* to.

Oh, and I'm going to obsessively put Trader Joe's Colloidal Oatmeal Lotion on my hands, because they still hurt quite a lot. In another shocking revelation re: The Glories of Red Heart, I discovered today that the cheap acrylic I'm knitting the Hallowig with doesn't bother my hands one bit, whilst everything else still burns them. Owie.

Night night!


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