Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Swatching Comeuppance.

After I went to my first knitting group at Java Station on Monday (way too many prepositions there, sorry), I looked up Tracy's blog and made a snarky comment to this post about how swatching is no fun.

At the time, one of my works in progress was a hat using this "wave-lattice" cable pattern around the brim, and I was quite pleased with it. Later -- just after proclaiming just how much I think swatching is crap, actually -- I realised that my poor little lattice-y hat was fatally flawed.

See? It's all tiny...

...even though I used the same number of stitches on the same needles with the same type of yarn as I used for all my other (admittedly misshapen-in-their-own-ways) hats.

So, I guess cabling doesn't always stretch so much as regular knitting. Who knew. Now my lattice-y hat is ruined, and is so small that I don't even think it would fit a baby. Maybe it'd fit a pet or something, but pets don't wear hats so much. Unless I sent it to the Unfortunate Fun Fur Dog.

Actually I think my lattice-y hat would complete that ensemble quite well. Hmm.


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