Thursday, September 23, 2004

One More Harry Potter Reference, Plus My First Reader is a Sweet Mumpkin!

I ordered an "official" Gryffindor tie, just for the hell of it, a while ago, and it arrived yesterday.

Now, I don't actually plan to dress up in Harry Potter regalia (or at least not in a scarf and tie at the same time), but it would be awfully satisfying if tie and scarf didn't clash so.


Stupid tie-making people. Obviously they have small willies.

(I'm so going to have to erase half of what I've been writing; it's nearly 3am and I've been rushing--in my miniscule and widely-separate bits of spare time--to get this blog and all the photos going, so I may possibly be delirious just now. Many apologies.

Except to my dear darling friend Reblog, because it seems to be amusing her. She's officially my knitting blog's first reader, *and* first commenter! ♥ her. But obviously not just because of the reading and commenting.

I think I need to be going to to bed now.)


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