Saturday, September 25, 2004

Poor Impulse Control, and Halloween/Hallowig Musings.

~cough~ I may or may not have just accidentally bought a skein of magenta tweed yarn to cheer myself up. Think will make my wondermous Kanna a hat with it, yes.

Also, the girl at Craft Essentials complimented my jacket, so I officially love it there now. I worked there when I was 20 -- when it was Craft Village and was absolute crap -- full-time, and it was really quite hellish (aside from the fact that it was my first full-time job and I was really proud of myself for not chucking it in). So, up until a few days ago, I avoided it like the plague.

Happily, no one who worked there when I did is still there. Oh, except for the sort of handyman type guy. Right when I was leaving, I saw him and almost spit out my gum from laughing, because I had this random memory of him telling me -- in all seriousness, I promise -- to be careful when I moved to San Francisco because there are so many "gay-types" there.

Drinking bottled mocha frappuccinos like mad so I won't be dead on my feet by 5:30, because I don't wanna miss the mini Saturday version of knitting group. Yay!

P.S. My best friend, who is, astonishingly, not in possession of a blog so I can't link to her, is a darling gorgeous slightly goth girl, and she loves Halloween, and she invariably spends too much money each year on Halloween presents for me. I love Halloween too, but I suck at presenty stuff. I cling to that whole "it's the thought that counts" idea, actually, although I *do* try so shut up.

Anyway, I want to find something to knit for her that has a bat on it. Which will be an issue because, a) I also really want to do the Hallowig in bright red so I can be Sydney-from-Alias for Halloween** and b) I am baffled by intarsia.

Just so you know.

Back to the frappucinos!

**Except, obviously, my Sydney-from-Alias costume won't feature Jennifer Garner's sinewy body and lack-of-breasts. But still. I didn't get to dress up last year (I just *said* I was a pirate, but I just sat around in pajamas and watched Buffy with Mia and Ed and Bedel), so no one's stopping me this year. ~defiant~ I may even trick-or-treat.

And, here's Sydney in her (non-knitted) red wig. Putting this up just because I like Alias and everyone should look at Sydney whenever possible...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am morally opposed to halloween celebrations, being that it's an american thing (or as it turns out it has pagan origins, but they're seasonal, so at the very least it's american timing, and i imagine the costumes and trick-and-treating would be an american invention) and we are not american.

however, i now wish to fly to america, dress up, and go trick or treating with you. because you're american, and in america, so it'd be *fun*. only if it was with you, though. possibly also seven. *g*


September 26, 2004 at 1:07 AM  

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