Friday, October 29, 2004


So, the central heating in our house is broken -- it breaks every couple of years, and makes its brokenness known by leaking buckets-worth of water onto my bathroom's counter and floor. So, the other day it started happening again, and most of my makeup got splashed a bit, but I rescued it in time.

I reminded dad that he needs to call the central-heating guy, but since it was raining whilst the leak was occurring, apparently he (dad) didn't believe me that the central-heating (which dehumidifies the air) was causing the leak. Still, I said it would be a good idea not to use the central heating, and dad agreed, so I put my makeup back out on the counter.

Now, when I left England, I thought I'd be going back, so I left nearly all of my possessions there, and my ex never thought it would be decent of him to go up to my college room and pack up and send the stuff to me (we were still engaged at the time, mind you, and I would have -- in fact I HAD -- done the same for him). So, I lost all my stuff.

Hence, the few things I have from England -- and a lot of that includes makeup from Boots, and Toni & Guy stuff -- are PRECIOUS to me. But yet my dad just turned on the central heating, AS A TEST TO SEE IF THE HEATING WAS REALLY CAUSING THE LEAK.

So now all my sentimental stuff is soaked, and about half of it's ruined, and... my dad doesn't give a shit about it. He doesn't believe in sentiment, so I'm an idiot because I do. I mean, for fuck's sake, even if he'd just pushed my stuff off onto the floor and kicked it out into the hall, that would've been better.

Sorry, had to vent. I wish Java Station didn't close so early, or else I'd go there with knitting. I just have this I-am-going-to-become-hysterical feeling that I don't think will go away unless I get out of the house. And this time? It's not hormones.


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*hugs* honey.

October 30, 2004 at 6:49 PM  

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