Sunday, October 24, 2004

Four Alien Heads.

Soooo... I've finished four of the alien-head chart things on the Alien Illusion Scarf, and I'm impossibly bored. Two more to go, though, and I'm trying to work out a chart for making Mia a pink & black skull-and-crossbones scarf, for part of her Christmas gift. Also, I'm not sure I like how the scarf's going to be even after it's blocked -- I think it'll curl or be wonky. So, Mia's scarf might end up being like the Gryffindor scarves -- double-thickness, but with the design on only one side. I think. Oh, and with a small hat to match, but probably without the skull motif because I haven't worked out how to make the illusion knitting go in the other direction.

Um... just thinking out loud. Or thinking in print, or whatever. Nothing of import to say, and the camera's out of batteries so I have no more alien heads to display.

Would it be horrible to buy a little cheapy digital camera on my credit card, and call it a Christmas-gift-to-self? At the moment I'm using my dad's, and it's the one he uses for his lab so it's all complex and battery-eating. Hmm.

Enable me? Please?

[Edit: Ok, I've been all nostalgic and Mia-missing an extra lot this weekend because I've been watching Alias and Mia's the one who made me love Alias in the first place, so in my mind Alias=Mia. So... I could make the scarf with a 47 hidden in it or a "< o >" symbol because that's the big Rambaldi thing in Alias.

Oh my gosh I just got a glimpse of what a complete nerd I am. Hee! Oh well. Yay for nerds.]


Blogger reb said...

yay for nerds!
i'm unsure whether blogs are suitable forums for random comment spamming in the same way livejournals are, or if my random messages are entirely inappropriate here.

hence my adding meta-style discussion about the appropriateness of my comments, thus making my comments more than just one line. *is pathetic*

and stuff.

i sent you email. did you get?


October 25, 2004 at 3:01 AM  

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