Monday, October 18, 2004

"I wasn't born, I was knitted"

Goodness. What a fun-filled weekend.

Finished one kitty/devil hat (but without either ears or horns), and it's lovely so I started another one in Kureyon, and it's not so lovely. Determined to finish it, though, if only as a reminder to myself to stop trying to make hats out of Kureyon because it never ever looks nice.

Also, as knitting group is tomorrow, and typically at 6pm on Mondays I go "Ooh, I should've made Trace a comedy cd, but now it's too late," I am currently making Trace a comedy cd *now* so I won't forget.

Actually at 6pm on Mondays I usually think "Ooh, I need a shower," and then right at 6:30 when I jump into the car I remember about the comedy cd, but who's counting. Besides me.

Should really go to bed, but after a weekend of extra-needy mom, I'm reluctant to give up free time. Also am in middle of i-cord for Kureyon hat, and I ought to finish it. It's all wonky. :( Bye!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was up with the needy dependants this weekend??? I just about murdered all of my children & my husband. Okay I am pretty sure that rain makes mental people even more mental!See you tonight!

October 18, 2004 at 11:19 AM  

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