Monday, October 25, 2004

Knitting Group!

Knitting group was lovely, as per usual, even though I got nothing done (note to self: don't bring chart-followy type things to knitting group). And then I had cramps of doom and didn't think I'd make it home before my stomach started... well, too much information. But I made it home, and now am in happy dazed-relief thanks to painkillers. Yay!

Um... yeah.

So, my order apparently shipped on Friday, so I'm really excited to get it and start on the Chaun-and-Trace Sweatshirt. Which reminds me I must get the pattern for it. Patterns = necessary.

Oh! And Trace brought me a set of two of the Ideal Canvas Knitting-Project Canvas Bags, and I'm pathetically excited about them. Thank you Trace! I'm temtped to put the Alien-Head Scarf in one, so I never have to look at it again, but I think I'll save them for sweater projects. Eeeeeee!

Mmmmf. I wish I had a hot-water bottle to curl up around! And a knitted hot-water-bottle-cover would be kind of fun to make, I think. Hmmm. Can you *get* hot-water bottles in Southern California? Must look into that... until then, though, I shall try to get the kitten to let me curl up around her, and then I shall pass out, I think. No more knitting tonight. (Shock-horror!)

Ok, night night. :)


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