Friday, October 22, 2004

Quick Update: Pokemon + Dickens.

So, I'm spending my Friday night knitting a case for my Gameboy, and listening to a new unabridged version of Great Expectations. And... the narrator is so, so, SO impossibly bad that I'm torn between being really annoyed and just laughing hysterically. Because Pip would be American, and Joe Gargery the blacksmith would sound as if he went to Eton, yes. Yay for accuracy in audiobooks.

~sigh~ If I ever become rich, I shall hire Hugh Laurie to sit and read Dickens to me, nonstop. Dickens and Harry Potter and P.G. Wodehouse. And his own books, because The Gun Seller was really good.

I'm going back to knitting now. And my headache that I've just noticed. I seem to have an issue with noticing I have headaches. I'll have them for ages and ages before I notice why I'm tired and grumpy. Hmm.

Ok, no more babbling.


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