Sunday, October 31, 2004

Random Update.

So, this is how tired I am: After doing some errands with my mom, I brought her home, put all the groceries and drugstore stuff (and to-be-dyed yarn) away, and then drove over to OSH to buy Rit fabric dye.* So, I get to the OSH parking lot, park, and then go, "Oh, for fuck's sake," and drive home. I was too tired to get out of the car and go buy the damned dye. ~rolls eyes at self~

Not that I really truly needed Rit fabric dye *today* -- especially since if I didn't have the energy to go into OSH, I doubt I'd have the energy to dye yarn tonight. Plus, I've got a sweatshirt to work on, dammit! Must stop letting myself get distracted from the sweatshirt, because I sooooo want it to be done so I can wear it! Oh, and the fake head needs another coat of paint too, so... yeah. Plenty to do.

I'm just hoping I manage to rest up, so I won't be tired for knitting group at Andersen's tomorrow evening! Overtired Summers = not good.

* I dyed some yarn with Rit the other night, and altogether it was a much nicer experience than Kool-Aid dyeing. More vivid colors, better, less-orangey reds and pinks, and the dyed yarn doesn't make my hands burn the way Kool-Aid dyed yarn does. Just in case you were interested. :)


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