Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sock & Blanket & Meetup.

Well, as my Gameboy is officially out of batteries and I can't sleep, I am knitting a sock. DPNs are apparently my enemy, though, so it's not going so well, and even if I finish this first sock, there's no guarantee I'll make a second one to go with it. Argh.

Also, Chaun is knitting the most gorgeous throw blanket thing, and I'm all fascinated by it. Especially since I realised -- when going through the Patternworks catalogue to circle things I want but will never buy because, expensive! -- it's the same kit as the waterlilies throw blanket thing (here) that I've been drooling over for about a year. AND, since I have a thing about making something my mom will be able to take with her when she eventually has to go into full-time care, I'm thinking maybe if I can be all economical and find the kit on eBay like Chaun did, I might be justified in making one for mom. Hmm.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow and then there's a meetup knitting group thingy in the evening, I think, so that will be nice. I might take the sock of doom with me. I really do want to get used to DPNs because the fingerless glove things Jayme is making are gorgeous and I want to steal them make them. Yessir.

Oh and I want to read more people's blogs because lately I've been avoiding the computer like the plague, and I feel all guilty when people say they've read this and I haven't read their blogs.

Ok, going to go take a photo of the sock, and post it.


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