Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh, the Hilarity! [ Edit: And the Horror. ]

As it turns out, I was just informed that my parents will be out for most of the morning, because Mom has a doctor's appointment.

So, the one day I could be guilt-free about visiting my friends = the very day said friends have a big new job to start at work, and thus they can't be visited.

Welcome to my life.

(Actually, I totally can't stop laughing. This is just so. my. luck.)

[ Edit : Ok, so I went out for about an hour to buy the Rit dye I was too tired to buy the other day? And when I got home my brother was here -- he announced he's staying the night at my parents' house tonight. With absolutely no notice. And does *he* get to clean up the guest room my mom has taken over for hoarding things in? No. I get to. Plus, Dad says that Mom threw a huge strop at her doctor and refused to give a urine sample, so now I get to take a urine sample from her. And, obviously, Dad is in a foul mood.

Any guesses as to how much knitting I've got done today? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ]


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