Sunday, November 14, 2004


Not a lot of time for knitting just lately, because of meeting and getting ready for my mom's new part-time caregiver. Lots of work, but it'll be good in the end... I hope!

I did manage to wash more hanks of yarn from last night, though, and this morning I enlisted mom's help (well, sort of pretend, make-work type help, but she needs that kind of thing to keep her happy) in balling up five hanks of yarn with the new swift & ball-winder. Yay!

Also, even though I get to use the little coat-closet for my yarn/knitting stuff now, there's just no way to fit it all in neatly without involving shelves. So, sometime this week I need to figure out what sort of shelves to get, etc., and put them in. Plus, my mom's sewing closet needs to be cleaned out, because it hasn't been used for years and years, so I sense quite a lot of closet-cleaning in my immediate future.

Took photo of sweater but cannot be arsed to put it up. Sorry. Will do it tonight, honest.


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