Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Tuesday, and Catching Up on Photos.

So, today was kind of a weird day -- Mom seemed to get along ok with her caregiver, Linda, but then again, Mom's been put on a rather powerful antipsychotic medication, and it makes her even slower and more incoherent than usual. Which I have a problem with... I'm going to talk to her doctor about it tomorrow, but I know he'll be all pissy and say what-do-I-know-about-psychopharmacology-and-Alzheimer's, etc.

And, since I was quite sad about missing my Mom (the way she was before she got sick, I mean) last night, I got no sleep at all, and only a tiny nap today, so... I'm feeling a bit strung-out-ish. In a non-druggish way.

But I did take some photos, today and over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I thought I'd post them, oh yes I did.

This is a photo (and, clever girl that I am, I neglected to put anything in to indicate scale) of the scarf I started after Laura and Tracy and Chauntel inspired me to try the drop-stitch thing. It's with Koigu, but the tags aren't at hand just now (they're not lost, though, so I'll post the colorway number eventually); anyway, this is how it looked before I dropped every other stitch at the bind-off, and then let them ladder all the way down the scarf...

The "After" photo will have to come later -- I've blocked the scarf now, but the edges still look ragged because I used a dumb form of the provisional cast on method (it was dumb for this project, anyway, because it leaves kind of... well, *enormous* loose stitches when you take out the waste yarn). Still, I shall take a photo and post it later. Maybe one of my vast readership will be clever and kind enough to suggest a remedy to the ragged edges! ~hopes~

Then, since we're working on making afghans for charity right now at knitting group, I took a WIP-type photo of my first four attempts at making 8" by 8" squares with acrylic blend yarn...

Please note that the pink square of paper measures exactly 8 inches by 8 inches. Also, I was laughing at myself a *lot* when I took this picture. Just so you know.

No worries, though, because Laura reassured me that acrylic and acrylic-blend yarn is preferred in Japan for making dishcloths and the like, so I'm keeping the way-too-big one for a washcloth, and I've made a couple of washcloths out of Red Heart since then, and I love them oh yes I do precious they are so exfoliatory (if that is a word) and yet they dry so quickly we wants more.

Did I mention that I'm overtired?

Oh, and also, I've made a few more charity-blanket squares now -- including two on the EZ KnittR machine Chaun lent me!! I kicked that machine up the arse over Thanksgiving weekend, and now it respects me, dammit, and I wuv it and must use it to make blanket after blanket -- and they all turned out to be at least *vaguely* 8" x 8". Plus, I learned some new stitch patterns whilst making the squares, and that's always good. Will take photo of the rest of the squares later and post it. For me, though, not so much for you, because... I LOVE them. Lovely neat little pile of off-white knitted squares.

Secretly, I want to *keep* them.

Oh, and this is what I'm working on now: blocking The Sweatshirt. Here's my second attempt (and thank you so much, Chaun, for lending me your blocking board and gorgeous long blocking pin/rod things -- absolute life-savers, those things!) at blocking the sweater...

...the body came out ok, but the sleeves were about 4 inches past my fingertips, and there was NO way I was blocking the whole thing again, so when Trace suggested I try to unravel and shorten them, I went to work and fixed the problem that way. Now they're just the *right* amount of too-long. :)

But yet, The Sweatshirt is not yet finished! Behold my first attempt at steam-blocking the rectangular piece that will somehow eventually become The Sweatshirt's hood...

And don't worry, Chaun, the iron was cold in the photo, and it was only on your gorgeous blocking board because I *posed* it there so as to make a pleasing photographic composition.

I'd already blocked out the hood and let it dry, but I felt like it'd be easier to heat/steam-block while it's still flat, instead of trying to block a weird 3-D piece of clothing, so I unpinned it, put a bit of brown paper down underneath it (paranoia about ruining Chaun's stuff when she's been so generous about helping me along with my projects, you see), re-pinned it, and used the iron's steamer-setting to shoot steam onto the hood. Well, onto the hood via a thin white washcloth, because I heard from Catherine last night that one isn't meant to really let the iron touch the wool. And, let's face it, by the end I was using a hairdryer to get the steam-moisture out (impatient girl) and I just flipped the damned hood over and gently dry-ironed it from the wrong side.

I am irresponsible with wool, I guess.

Aha! I'm done now! I'm sure you're all sighing with relief (as am I, to be honest) so I'll end this huge post... and just post more later!

Hope everyone had great Thanksgivings, by the way! (And she's punctual, too; how *does* Summers do it?!) :)


Blogger tellen said...

Yeah! I am so glad it worked, unraveling the sleeves. I wasn't even sure to go about doing it when I mentioned it to you. In fact, I felt bad for saying something without even knowing what I was really talking about. :) It's a gorgeous sweater. I am glad the blocking finally worked out.

December 1, 2004 at 10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say, I am happy to see such a long post from you! It's been a while! Pics are always lovely! I actually wasn't worried about the iron on the board cuz it's like an ironing board, so it's okay to have it there hot, I trust you Summers!!
The sweater & swatches are grand! I loved your paper idea, that way we can all laugh at how all of us are having the same sizing issues I am pretty sure. I have to block mine tonight after I finish the third one. I am hoping that you can talk to your mom's doctor today & get some answers on the rx issue. I am sorry that it's happening the way it is for you. I will email you, called you twice but no answer once & left a message the second time. Sorry I didn't get back to you last night, hope your day goes well!! Chaun

December 1, 2004 at 12:04 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

That sweater looks fantastic! And I agree, the paper square of appropriate size is a great idea. But disappointing too, because then you can't be in denial about how mis-shapen your blocks are immediately, instead of playing with tape and trying to convince yourself they're really the right size, it's only your measurement technique.

December 1, 2004 at 2:14 PM  

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