Friday, December 31, 2004

Orange and Pink Felted Bag.

The new felted bag is drying now; it's wide and short, but not quite so wide as the other bag, so that = good. I'm thinking I will fold in the sides and sew them so as to make a pleasant trapezoid shape, and then I will put on plastic handles.

Mother was hugely unmanageable all of yesterday, and the sedative didn't work until hours and hours later, so my quick nap before knittng group turned into a lengthy sort of coma-sleep, and I woke up at 10pm all sad because I missed knitting group altogether. Bleah. :(

Oh well; maybe I can finish the hourglass sweater and wear it on Monday or something. That would be pleasant.

Happy New Year's Eve!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hoo my goodness, mother is having enormous fit re: caregiver, etc. Apparently I am her jailer now, and I gave her Alzheimer's/am lying and saying she has Alzheimer's in some bizarre wasting-my-life type power-play.

Happily, since I'm already a big liar in Mumsy's eyes, I have no qualms about feeding her a sedative and saying it's vitamins.

Oh, what a morning.

I did manage to start a new to-be-felted bag, though, which is a combination of Chaun's free pattern and the Meema's Marsupial Tote pattern from SnB. Unfortunately, knitting with the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride has given me a strage nasal-oriented headache, presumably from breathing in the gross mohair bits. Ow.

Going to go watch Great Expectations with Mom now, and see if she starts to behave in a... more sedate manner. Yes.

(For the record, in case anyone is reading this who doesn't know me, I did not, in fact, give my mother Alzheimer's disease, nor am I lying about her illness in order to convince her to stay home with me and watch bad Dickens adaptations.

I did give her the sedative and said it was vitamins, though.)

Really Quick Update

Um, so, I'm hoping everyone's holidays have been going well -- mine have been sort of interesting and odd, but things seem to be getting slightly better over the past couple of days, aside from mom starting to have bizarre (but mild and not-a-big-problem-y) hallucinations. I might even get to go to knitting group tonight, hurrah!

Felted a bag this morning, which I made *almost* according to Chaun's free felted bag pattern, except that I used Cascade 220 and made up my own stripe pattern. My own stripe pattern, I must say, turned out to be terrible andI will definitely be following Chaun's recommendation on the next bag I make. :)

The bag is kind of amusing, because it turned out that it felted interestingly... it shrunk vertically, but horizontally? No shrinkage. So I have a very long, very low felted bag with ugly purple stripes. I don't even have a box long enough to felt it on... and I have a *lot* of old mail-order boxes, so that's saying something.

This interesting shrinkage is good news, though, because it means the next bag I make will go much faster -- I think I can get away with 40 fewer stitches per round if I use the Cascade 220 again. Yay!

In other knitting news, I'm wearing my sweatshirt today (sans hood, which I haven't had the patience to sew on yet), and I *was* almost done with the Hourglass Sweater, but then I realized the instructions are all wrong as far as the yoke decreases, so I had to rip out 4 inches and start again on the yoke. Ah well. I tried it on pre-rip, though, and so far I like the body and sleeves part a lot.

Will post pictures when I find the damn digital camera, oh yes I will.

Oh, and I'm in the middle of an Irish Hiking Scarf with merino worsted in Olive. It's kind of tweedy and pleasant.

Must go now, Linda is here to look after my hallucinating mother.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Frustrated with mom's sweater. Color is off because of weird non-matching skein, and I don't have enough yarn anyway, I don't think... hmm.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Ok, so Chaun and Tracy told me the new Knitty issue was out yesterday, and I'm so caught up in apathy knitting Christmas gifts that I didn't look at it until just now.

And this is the only thing that even remotely appeals to me in the whole issue. ~sigh~ Sad, that.

Oh, except my childhood best friend, Devon, once gave me this sage bit of advice about ordering from catalogues: "If those pants look bad on the model, they're going to look bad on everyone." Which leads me to feel that if they couldn't get the wavy scarf to block out well in the Knitty picture, it's not going to block out well if I make it. ~yet another sigh~

Back to mother's sweater from hell. (Linda has the Bad Cold everyone's been suffering from lately, so she got here late and went home early... hence the knitting at home instead of going somewhere and having a life.)

Depressed today. Can you tell? :)

Update & Monday Night, etc.

Knitting group last night was lovely (not that it's ever distinctly unlovely, though!) even if it was a bit small. Marin and I were both there early (which is a Big Thing for me since I started taking care of my mom -- I'm sure it's not her fault I'm late all the time, exactly, but it *is* a very noticeable difference from when I used to be half an hour early to everything) so we got to talk a little bit. Marin is knitting a tiny sheep, which makes me very happy (especially as the pattern specifies that she must start with its bum, hee!), and just generally it is always nice to see Marin, so I was muchly pleased.

Also I got to talk at to Laurie (whose name I am probably spelling wrong) a bit, which was also v. good; I'm glad Tracy found her for our group! And Chaun and I ended up meeting at Kmart and having a lovely little shopping experience, which was unexpected *and* quite enjoyable, so that was a sort of highly pleasant bonus to my knitting evening.

Then, when I got home, I cleared out the broom closet in the kitchen, because Linda told me the cleaners were coming this morning (they aren't; they're coming tomorrow as per usual, but they phoned yesterday to say they need us to buy Windex and tile cleaner, so there was confusion), and I wanted a nice organized place to keep all the housecleaning products. Then I knitted a bit, and realized I'd totally fucked up one side of mom's Christmas sweater, so I have to rip that out today and redo it.

Which I do NOT want to do. In fact, I am nervous about it, and its possible effect upon my sense of mental well-being. Stupid damn sweater.

Ok, that's all; I am cold, and Linda is here so I am going to go out somewhere in order to enjoy my few hours of freedom. Just not sure *where* to go, yet. Maybe I should take the sweater-side with me to a coffee shop, so if I have a psychotic break whilst ripping it out, someone will be there to help?

I *hate* that sweater.

Will post pictures later. Blargh.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sunday Coupons.

So, I've always, on some level, thought that taking care of my mother through her Alzheimer's would slowly drive me insane. Today, however, she seems to have decided to speed things up a bit. Think will go spend the Michael's 40% off coupon whilst pondering what to do with the remainder of my ruined life, yes.

Yesterday was lovely, though; spent the late afternoon with Trace, then went to Michael's to buy yarn for a blanket I'm making for the parentals, and as Trace had given me her unused 40% off coupon for last week, I also got a dry-erase board so Linda and I can leave each other notes & various important information. Yay!

Oh, and then I went to Kmart to try to buy a humidifier (the furnace in my parents' house is drying me into a prune, and I feel all weak and faint and dehydrated all the damn time), but I couldn't find one so I bought a new pillow instead, and some pajamas for my mother. I figure the more pairs she has, the more chances I have of finding a pair (she tends to hide/lose them, even if I put them away for her in the mornings when I get her dressed. It's baffling, and really, really frustrating on days like today when I have no goddamn patience whatsoever).

Ummm... yes, so now I'm going to calm down ha!, start the laundry, and then go buy one more color of Cascade 220 for the bag I'm going to eventually make following Chaun's free bag pattern. I think.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Catch-up Photos.

Well, Mom & Linda are still gone, and no panicked phonecalls from Linda so far... keeping fingers crossed. :/

In the meantime, photos.

Here is the sock yarn I got from yesterday...'s the first sock yarn I've got from them (for some reason, they still haven't emailed me or sent the "brownberries" color of sock yarn I ordered ages ago, but aside from that all my orders have arrived now), and it's lovely. I am swatching it right now, yay.

And then this is the Koigu dropped-stitch scarf after the stitches were dropped and I'd sort of pseudo-blocked it...

It's roughly 9 feet long now, whereas before the stitches were dropped I don't even think it was a yard long. And here are the ragged ends...

...any fixy-type ideas?

Mostly unrelated to knitting...

Oh my goodness! I have just sent my mother and Linda The Caregiver Sent from Heaven on their first real outing in Linda's car! They've only been on walks before; never out to a store or anywhere in the car... but I thought since it's been almost three weeks since Linda started, they'd better get used to going out together now.

But ohhhhh what if mother makes a scene and is horrible and I have to drive down there and pry her raving self off of a shopping cart filled with cookies and Kleenex?

I'd better go get my cellphone and keep it in my pocket, now that I think of it... bye for now!

Oh, and I had knitting pictures but they're not formatted yet. Will do that after I fetch the cellphone, yes.

Hope everyone's having a happy morning, etc. :)