Thursday, December 02, 2004

Mostly unrelated to knitting...

Oh my goodness! I have just sent my mother and Linda The Caregiver Sent from Heaven on their first real outing in Linda's car! They've only been on walks before; never out to a store or anywhere in the car... but I thought since it's been almost three weeks since Linda started, they'd better get used to going out together now.

But ohhhhh what if mother makes a scene and is horrible and I have to drive down there and pry her raving self off of a shopping cart filled with cookies and Kleenex?

I'd better go get my cellphone and keep it in my pocket, now that I think of it... bye for now!

Oh, and I had knitting pictures but they're not formatted yet. Will do that after I fetch the cellphone, yes.

Hope everyone's having a happy morning, etc. :)


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