Thursday, December 30, 2004

Really Quick Update

Um, so, I'm hoping everyone's holidays have been going well -- mine have been sort of interesting and odd, but things seem to be getting slightly better over the past couple of days, aside from mom starting to have bizarre (but mild and not-a-big-problem-y) hallucinations. I might even get to go to knitting group tonight, hurrah!

Felted a bag this morning, which I made *almost* according to Chaun's free felted bag pattern, except that I used Cascade 220 and made up my own stripe pattern. My own stripe pattern, I must say, turned out to be terrible andI will definitely be following Chaun's recommendation on the next bag I make. :)

The bag is kind of amusing, because it turned out that it felted interestingly... it shrunk vertically, but horizontally? No shrinkage. So I have a very long, very low felted bag with ugly purple stripes. I don't even have a box long enough to felt it on... and I have a *lot* of old mail-order boxes, so that's saying something.

This interesting shrinkage is good news, though, because it means the next bag I make will go much faster -- I think I can get away with 40 fewer stitches per round if I use the Cascade 220 again. Yay!

In other knitting news, I'm wearing my sweatshirt today (sans hood, which I haven't had the patience to sew on yet), and I *was* almost done with the Hourglass Sweater, but then I realized the instructions are all wrong as far as the yoke decreases, so I had to rip out 4 inches and start again on the yoke. Ah well. I tried it on pre-rip, though, and so far I like the body and sleeves part a lot.

Will post pictures when I find the damn digital camera, oh yes I will.

Oh, and I'm in the middle of an Irish Hiking Scarf with merino worsted in Olive. It's kind of tweedy and pleasant.

Must go now, Linda is here to look after my hallucinating mother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay so Cascade shrinks alot more vertically than the patons yarn I used in my pattern. The handpaintedyarn doesn't shrink as much either. Glad to see you have been knitting! Don't worry, I haven't been to knitting this week either. I haven't even left my house since Christmas Eve!! I will be there on Monday night though. Hope to see you!! We have gifts for you!

December 31, 2004 at 1:26 PM  

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