Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Update & Monday Night, etc.

Knitting group last night was lovely (not that it's ever distinctly unlovely, though!) even if it was a bit small. Marin and I were both there early (which is a Big Thing for me since I started taking care of my mom -- I'm sure it's not her fault I'm late all the time, exactly, but it *is* a very noticeable difference from when I used to be half an hour early to everything) so we got to talk a little bit. Marin is knitting a tiny sheep, which makes me very happy (especially as the pattern specifies that she must start with its bum, hee!), and just generally it is always nice to see Marin, so I was muchly pleased.

Also I got to talk at to Laurie (whose name I am probably spelling wrong) a bit, which was also v. good; I'm glad Tracy found her for our group! And Chaun and I ended up meeting at Kmart and having a lovely little shopping experience, which was unexpected *and* quite enjoyable, so that was a sort of highly pleasant bonus to my knitting evening.

Then, when I got home, I cleared out the broom closet in the kitchen, because Linda told me the cleaners were coming this morning (they aren't; they're coming tomorrow as per usual, but they phoned yesterday to say they need us to buy Windex and tile cleaner, so there was confusion), and I wanted a nice organized place to keep all the housecleaning products. Then I knitted a bit, and realized I'd totally fucked up one side of mom's Christmas sweater, so I have to rip that out today and redo it.

Which I do NOT want to do. In fact, I am nervous about it, and its possible effect upon my sense of mental well-being. Stupid damn sweater.

Ok, that's all; I am cold, and Linda is here so I am going to go out somewhere in order to enjoy my few hours of freedom. Just not sure *where* to go, yet. Maybe I should take the sweater-side with me to a coffee shop, so if I have a psychotic break whilst ripping it out, someone will be there to help?

I *hate* that sweater.

Will post pictures later. Blargh.


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