Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, I've been hankering after a Typepad blog for quite some time, and I found a promotion that gives you 3 free months (it's from Movable Type, and you put in "movable" when they ask about special offers when you sign up), so I'm trying it out.

So, here is my first real attempt at posting, with a photo of the Hourglass Sweater so far... go look? My Experimental Typepad Blog.


Oh dear, I just saw a post on LJ Knitting about knitting with yarn that is 30% *possum.* Ick ick ick ick ick.


Ok, so I don't usually laugh aloud when I'm by myself. I don't know why it is, but I just don't. I tend to get really quiet and still and meditative, and I appreciate humour in my brain, but my outward self doesn't get involved.

This Museum of Kitschy Stitches made me smile, though, and then when I got to the clown part, the caption for the first clown-item (the one that starts "Hey kid...") made me laugh (out loud!) until my eyes watered and I started to kind of choke a little bit.

So I thought it was worth a mention.

Also, last night I passed out cold in my comfy chair, in front of 84 Charing Cross Road (best. movie. ever.), which was annoying because I missed knitting group, but good because I missed the really sad end of the movie.

In an annoying turn of events, I'm thinking today is going to be just as exhausing as yesterday, mom-wise. We started in with the whining ("Why does LINDA have to come todayyyyyyy?") over breakfast, and there were hints of the Vast Conspiracy Theories beginning to rear their heads ("Oh *I* get it! I GET it all right, [mutter mutter mutter].") which is never, ever a good sign.

I think, when Linda gets here, I will hole myself up in my room and attempt to knit whilst curled into a fetal position.

Oh! Before I passed out last night, I looked at Booga J's Knitting Blog" to learn about felted bags, and she said you can shave felted items (I snark inwardly at any phrase containing "shave" and "bag") with regular safety razors. So, I sat in my chair watching Charing Cross Road and shaving the orange-and-pink felted item I made the other day, and it looks much more pleasant now.

Bye for now!

Monday, January 03, 2005


So, today has been a hellish day filled with chasing mom around and dealing with her craziness. I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I guess I won't be going to knitting group... unless I get a second wind or whatever in the next half hour! :( I think I'll save ripping out the Hourglass Sweater until Thursday, then.

Still, at least I'm out of the weirdo up-at-night sleep cycle I was in, so that's good. Got up at 5 today after sleeping all night, which was a new thing. I'm hoping I'll settle into my new normal sleep pattern over the next couple of days, and maybe have more energy?

Mmmf. Off to curl up somewhere.


1. My mother is driving me insane (yet again) today. Her hallucinations are getting interesting, though. So that's something. Sort of like a really weird gruesome fairy tale being told to me in soap-opera-like instalments, courtesy of mom's plaque-afflicted brain.)

2. Linda, while she is a lovely person, is not as good for mom as I hoped she'd be. She doesn't seem to have much initiative, and she does weird things like, say, leaving if mom tells her to leave. (Which is inconceivable to me -- I mean, mom has the mental abilities of someone who's had a massive head injury, and you wouldn't just take orders from a brain-damaged person if you were hired to look after her... would you?)

3. The supervisor of the caregiver agency says it's doubtful we'd be able to keep anyone better with mom, because caregivers tend to just quit when given a belligerent, demented old lady to deal with. (My words, not hers, exactly...)

4. I dyed my hair this morning, but the dye seems to have all washed out in the shower just now. Hmmm. I no like.

5. I am knitting one of Suzanne's beanies as a means of denying the fact that I'm going to have to rip out the hourglass sweater yoke *again.*

6. Tomorrow must start on diet, as otherwise I think I will keep gaining weight until I am morbidly obese like the people Maury Povitch used to have on his show whose whole families could fit into their fatlady muumuus.

7. Apparently cumin helps to break up & prevent the plaques that form in the brains of people with Alzheimer's, so Dad wants us to go on a huge Indian-food extravaganza. This will conflict with the diet a bit, but on second thought I'd rather be chubby than brain damaged. Indian food it is! I'm off to cook chicken curry now.

8. I think I will actually make it to knitting group tonight! I might take the hourglass sweater with me and rip out the yoke so I will have lotsa moral support around me whilst I do it.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jail Alpaca

Um, and the photo for this yarn auction makes me really really happy.

And another thing / Peace Fleece order

Ok, so I remembered one more thing while I was looking at Suzanne's blog...

You see, at my first ever knitting group meeting, Suzanne was making a green cardigan out of yarn from Peace Fleece, but I thought sweaters were waaaaay to hard for me so I kept focused on my little triangle hat** and put Peace Fleece out of my mind.

But THEN recently Suzanne was knitting some gorgeous burgundy/wine colored yarn from Peace Fleece at knitting group, and as I am a sucker for anything burgundy-or-wine-colored, and as I have discovered that sweaters are more manageable than I thought they'd be, I went and ordered a kit from Peace Fleece. (It's the "Everyday Cardigan" on this page; I got the worsted weight version in Moldava Burgundy.)

So, I am muchly pleased. I've never knitted anything that needs buttons before. It's new.

**Which I have finally found a use for! My headphones are broken, you see, so I put on the enormous awful triangle hat, stuff all the headphones bits inside, and thus I am both cozy warm and able to listen to Monty Python and Harry Potter on my iPod. Yay for the triangle hat!

Meep! Knitting for Barbie!

I forgot to mention that I ordered a ridiculous book, and I am hugely excited about it. It's called Knits for Barbie Doll (there's a crochet version too), and I am, I think, going to use a little bit of my Apple Green (read: fluorescent greeny yellow) hpy.com lace merino to knit a sweater for Kanna's Jem! doll. And possibly a snazzy skirt-suit for Roxxy or Raya.


I saw the crochet version of the Barbie book at In Stitches a few months ago, you see, and I was all sad because there wasn't a knitting version, but then I saw a review for the newly-released knit version in Vogue Knitting magazine, and I was verily pleased.

I just thought I'd mention it.

Aaaaand, now I'm off to eBay to see if they have any Jem! dolls for cheap, because I've always wanted one (I only had Superstar-facemold Barbies, growing up, and to be honest I much preferred My Little Ponies) *and* I could use it for fitting. Jem! dolls, you see, apparently have wider hips and smaller breasts than Barbies.

Happy New Year / Weekend So Far.

So, no progress on the Hourglass Sweater... plus, I found a kind of scary mistake (I caught two or three of the underarm live stitches in with the yoke somehow, but I *think* maybe I can sort of cut and darn them or something? Will bring it to knitting group tomorrow to see if anyone has any ideas, I think.) which makes me not want to knit anymore in case I have to rip it out again.

Yesterday I got to order my dad two Pendleton sweaters, and he gave me a moth-eaten Pendleton vest for my troubles, so I could maybe rip it apart and use the yarn. But it's, like, thread-thin, plus the whole moth-issue makes me want to burn it before it somehow leads the moths to my yarn stash. I don't know if moth-eaten sweaters have eggs in them or anything, but I am highly suspicious of the moth-eaten vest for some reason. Hmm.

Oh, but speaking of the Hourglass Sweater, the tigerlily merino sock yarn I'm using (from handpaintedyarn.com), is *gorgeous* and I want want want more of their sock yarn. Alas, their site has only a few oddments of it left, and I don't see any more on eBay, so I must to wait. Ohhhh, but it is just lovely. I want to knit myself a coccoon out of hpy.com sock yarn, and crawl in and sleep for days. Also I would like to make mittenettes and armwarmers (and ~gasp!~ possibly socks) out of it, yes.

Which is sort of how I felt about Kureyon at first... I seem to remember writing to Kanna and suggesting that if I were rich I would have everything made out of Kureyon because it = pretty. Whereas now I don't like it so much because it's all rough.

Oh, and this month I am trying Proactiv stuff for my ouchy skin, because Jessica Simpson told me to. This is day 3. Just saying.

Also, I am ambivalent about Lindsay Lohan. Do I like her, or is she a big snob? I can't decide.

But back to the knitting. I made yet another little felted bag yesterday, out of bulky thin/thick wool from handpaintedyarn.com, and I am much pleased by it. It's just a little case for the short straight knitting needles, so I think I will just sew in a snap instead of adding handles or a flap or anything.

OH! And also I bought a yummy-sushi-motif roll-up case for DPNs, because I keep losing them (and I am a sucker for any sort of yummy-sushi-print fabric, and I wish I had yummy-sushi-print jammies to wear in my sock-yarn coccoon). I have to call my bank to confirm my PayPal account thing, though, else I shall receive bad feedback.

Next I must find or make a holder for circular needles, because I keep losing *them* too, the slippery little bastards.

Ok, now I have babbled enough. Must go dress mom and make her breakfast and then try to get up enough energy to dye my hair. Or to call and make a damn appointment.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holidays all right. :)