Sunday, January 02, 2005

And another thing / Peace Fleece order

Ok, so I remembered one more thing while I was looking at Suzanne's blog...

You see, at my first ever knitting group meeting, Suzanne was making a green cardigan out of yarn from Peace Fleece, but I thought sweaters were waaaaay to hard for me so I kept focused on my little triangle hat** and put Peace Fleece out of my mind.

But THEN recently Suzanne was knitting some gorgeous burgundy/wine colored yarn from Peace Fleece at knitting group, and as I am a sucker for anything burgundy-or-wine-colored, and as I have discovered that sweaters are more manageable than I thought they'd be, I went and ordered a kit from Peace Fleece. (It's the "Everyday Cardigan" on this page; I got the worsted weight version in Moldava Burgundy.)

So, I am muchly pleased. I've never knitted anything that needs buttons before. It's new.

**Which I have finally found a use for! My headphones are broken, you see, so I put on the enormous awful triangle hat, stuff all the headphones bits inside, and thus I am both cozy warm and able to listen to Monty Python and Harry Potter on my iPod. Yay for the triangle hat!


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