Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy New Year / Weekend So Far.

So, no progress on the Hourglass Sweater... plus, I found a kind of scary mistake (I caught two or three of the underarm live stitches in with the yoke somehow, but I *think* maybe I can sort of cut and darn them or something? Will bring it to knitting group tomorrow to see if anyone has any ideas, I think.) which makes me not want to knit anymore in case I have to rip it out again.

Yesterday I got to order my dad two Pendleton sweaters, and he gave me a moth-eaten Pendleton vest for my troubles, so I could maybe rip it apart and use the yarn. But it's, like, thread-thin, plus the whole moth-issue makes me want to burn it before it somehow leads the moths to my yarn stash. I don't know if moth-eaten sweaters have eggs in them or anything, but I am highly suspicious of the moth-eaten vest for some reason. Hmm.

Oh, but speaking of the Hourglass Sweater, the tigerlily merino sock yarn I'm using (from, is *gorgeous* and I want want want more of their sock yarn. Alas, their site has only a few oddments of it left, and I don't see any more on eBay, so I must to wait. Ohhhh, but it is just lovely. I want to knit myself a coccoon out of sock yarn, and crawl in and sleep for days. Also I would like to make mittenettes and armwarmers (and ~gasp!~ possibly socks) out of it, yes.

Which is sort of how I felt about Kureyon at first... I seem to remember writing to Kanna and suggesting that if I were rich I would have everything made out of Kureyon because it = pretty. Whereas now I don't like it so much because it's all rough.

Oh, and this month I am trying Proactiv stuff for my ouchy skin, because Jessica Simpson told me to. This is day 3. Just saying.

Also, I am ambivalent about Lindsay Lohan. Do I like her, or is she a big snob? I can't decide.

But back to the knitting. I made yet another little felted bag yesterday, out of bulky thin/thick wool from, and I am much pleased by it. It's just a little case for the short straight knitting needles, so I think I will just sew in a snap instead of adding handles or a flap or anything.

OH! And also I bought a yummy-sushi-motif roll-up case for DPNs, because I keep losing them (and I am a sucker for any sort of yummy-sushi-print fabric, and I wish I had yummy-sushi-print jammies to wear in my sock-yarn coccoon). I have to call my bank to confirm my PayPal account thing, though, else I shall receive bad feedback.

Next I must find or make a holder for circular needles, because I keep losing *them* too, the slippery little bastards.

Ok, now I have babbled enough. Must go dress mom and make her breakfast and then try to get up enough energy to dye my hair. Or to call and make a damn appointment.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone survived the holidays all right. :)


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