Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Ok, so I don't usually laugh aloud when I'm by myself. I don't know why it is, but I just don't. I tend to get really quiet and still and meditative, and I appreciate humour in my brain, but my outward self doesn't get involved.

This Museum of Kitschy Stitches made me smile, though, and then when I got to the clown part, the caption for the first clown-item (the one that starts "Hey kid...") made me laugh (out loud!) until my eyes watered and I started to kind of choke a little bit.

So I thought it was worth a mention.

Also, last night I passed out cold in my comfy chair, in front of 84 Charing Cross Road (best. movie. ever.), which was annoying because I missed knitting group, but good because I missed the really sad end of the movie.

In an annoying turn of events, I'm thinking today is going to be just as exhausing as yesterday, mom-wise. We started in with the whining ("Why does LINDA have to come todayyyyyyy?") over breakfast, and there were hints of the Vast Conspiracy Theories beginning to rear their heads ("Oh *I* get it! I GET it all right, [mutter mutter mutter].") which is never, ever a good sign.

I think, when Linda gets here, I will hole myself up in my room and attempt to knit whilst curled into a fetal position.

Oh! Before I passed out last night, I looked at Booga J's Knitting Blog" to learn about felted bags, and she said you can shave felted items (I snark inwardly at any phrase containing "shave" and "bag") with regular safety razors. So, I sat in my chair watching Charing Cross Road and shaving the orange-and-pink felted item I made the other day, and it looks much more pleasant now.

Bye for now!


Blogger ~michele said...

Aaah! Someone else who likes my movie! Well, not MY movie, but I feel a lot of love for that film. My college roommate and I actually went from Virginia to New York on the train a couple of times, just to visit with Helene Hanff, the author of the book from which the film is taken.

My roommate had written her a fan letter regarding book & movie, and Ms. Hanff invited us up to New York, just to eat ice cream in a hotel cafe near Central Park. We went. Next time, it was Chinese food. We went again. She was a heck of a lady, just as witty & interesting as the book & movie portray.

Sorry, don't mean to gush -- you just hit on a movie-nerve of mine. Cheers!

January 4, 2005 at 1:58 PM  

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