Monday, January 03, 2005


1. My mother is driving me insane (yet again) today. Her hallucinations are getting interesting, though. So that's something. Sort of like a really weird gruesome fairy tale being told to me in soap-opera-like instalments, courtesy of mom's plaque-afflicted brain.)

2. Linda, while she is a lovely person, is not as good for mom as I hoped she'd be. She doesn't seem to have much initiative, and she does weird things like, say, leaving if mom tells her to leave. (Which is inconceivable to me -- I mean, mom has the mental abilities of someone who's had a massive head injury, and you wouldn't just take orders from a brain-damaged person if you were hired to look after her... would you?)

3. The supervisor of the caregiver agency says it's doubtful we'd be able to keep anyone better with mom, because caregivers tend to just quit when given a belligerent, demented old lady to deal with. (My words, not hers, exactly...)

4. I dyed my hair this morning, but the dye seems to have all washed out in the shower just now. Hmmm. I no like.

5. I am knitting one of Suzanne's beanies as a means of denying the fact that I'm going to have to rip out the hourglass sweater yoke *again.*

6. Tomorrow must start on diet, as otherwise I think I will keep gaining weight until I am morbidly obese like the people Maury Povitch used to have on his show whose whole families could fit into their fatlady muumuus.

7. Apparently cumin helps to break up & prevent the plaques that form in the brains of people with Alzheimer's, so Dad wants us to go on a huge Indian-food extravaganza. This will conflict with the diet a bit, but on second thought I'd rather be chubby than brain damaged. Indian food it is! I'm off to cook chicken curry now.

8. I think I will actually make it to knitting group tonight! I might take the hourglass sweater with me and rip out the yoke so I will have lotsa moral support around me whilst I do it.


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